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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Revision - Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome

A city-state ruled by many people through voting
The Great Pyramid was built for the Pharaoh _______
A_____, first emperor of Rome
Greek god of the sea
The upper class citizens of Rome
A city-state ruled by a small group of men
The Greek god that had the same name for the Roman version
Believing in more than one god or goddess
The name of the different districts in ancient Egypt
The Roman name for Aphrodite
The lower class citizens of Rome
In Sparta, the focus was on the _____
The Egyptian word for king
The architect (builder) of the first step pyramid
The focus on Athens was on _________
A Spartan slave
A city-state ruled by a king
A true citizen of Sparta
Ancient Egyptian writing is made up of ________.
The ancient Greek word for a tyrant
Along with Demotic and Coptic, one of the types of Egyptian writing
The word for an ancient Greek city-state
Romans were protected by Roman Laws called the Twelve _______
Tribunes had the power to _____ decisions
The number of Olympian gods and goddesses
The Roman capital was moved from Rome to this city and renamed Constantinople
Mount ______, the home of the Greek gods and goddesses
A source written at the time something happened
Burial place for Egyptian kings in the Old and Middle Kingdom
The language spoken and written by the Romans