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US History Final Exam Review

Site of huge anti-war concert in 1969
First African American Supreme Court member in the US
US President during the 911 attacks
Nation created after World War 2 that was created to be a homeland for Jews
World Wide peace organization that was created after World War 2.
Organization founded to help bring electricity to Appalachia
Divided into North and South at the 38th Parallel
The 18th Amendment to the US Constitution
Terrorist organization thought to be responsible for the 911 attacks.
Little Boy was used on this Japanese city
US President when the US Voting Rights of 1965 was passed
A fear that Communist was taking over the US
Laws that segregated Southern Society
The city that JFK was assassinated
Elected US President in 1980 and 1984
Oct. 29, 1929
His plan to get the US out of the Great Depression was known as the New Deal
She refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery Bus in 1955
US President who sent troops to Little Rock in 1957 so Ernest could go to school
A prejudice towards foreign born workers
President Biden;s wife's first name
The US naval base whose attack in 1941 brought the US into World War 2
Name of the treaty that ended World War 1.
US President who brought US troops home from Vietnam
Senator from Wisconsin who in the 1950's warned that Communists were everywhere in America
Soviet satelite sent into space in 1957
Inventor of the Model T
US President who made the decision to use the atomic bomb to end WW 2
US President blamed for the Great Depression