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Home and Real Estate Cozy Mysteries
A _____-Upper Mystery by Kate Carlisle
Do It ________ Mystery Series by Jennie Bentley
Home Repair Is ________ Mystery Series by Sarah Graves
_________ to Death by Valerie Wolzien
The Deadly ____ ______ Affair by K.M. Morgan
A ________ Realty Mystery by CeeCee James
A Hamptons Home and ______ Mystery by Kathleen Bridge
_______ by Design series by Jean Harrington
Murder by ______ by Paula Carter
A House-_______ Mystery by Diane Kelly
The _________ Who Knew Too Much by Diane Vallere
Haunted Home __________ Mystery Series by Juliet Blackwell
A Lily Sprayberry _______ Cozy Mystery by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson
A Deadly _____ Mystery by Ginny Aiken
A Sarah Winston ______ Sale Cozy Mystery by Sherry Harris