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Chapter 18 US History

There is a space between words 
developed the Union strategy to win the Civil War
President of the Confederate States of America
The color of Union uniforms
Turning point of the Civil War
(1862) a Civil War battle in which the Confederate army forced most of the Union army out of Virginia
Confederate plan to enlist England's aid in return for continued cotton shipments
Sight of the first battle of the Civil War
The color of Confederate uniforms
a gun without rifling
A series of brutal clashes between Ulysses S. Grant's and Robert E. Lee's armies in Virginia.
A battle near a sluggish little creek, it proved to be the bloodiest single day battle in American History with over 26,000 lives lost in that single day.
an escaped slave who joined the Union army during the Civil War
Issued by Abraham Lincoln on September 22, 1862 it declared that all slaves in the confederate states would be free
3rd day of Gettysburg, Lee asked Pickett to lead troops on a mile and a half run where they were then slaughtered by the union army
Wooden ships with metal armor that were employed by both sides during the Civil War.
Famous as the site where the surrender of the Confederate Army under Robert E. Lee To Ulysses S. Grant took place on April 9, 1865
a speech given by Abraham Lincoln after the Battle of Gettysburg, in which he praised the bravery of Union soldiers and renewed his commitment to winning the Civil War; supported the ideals of self-government and human rights
The first major land battle of the civil war
African American Company responsible for leading an attack on Ft. Wagner.
Nickname of General Thomas J. Jackson
Admiral of the Union Navy during the Civil War. Led the daring attack on New Orleans the led to the Union's control of the Mississippi River
The Union Commander who appointed by Lincoln after Bull Run.
The most infamous prison in the south.
A law requiring people of a certain age to serve in the military