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Environmental Science Review

Ms. Davis: Ms. Davis
_______ control involves creating barriers to prevent the movement of species.
Biodiversity has a large ________ value because it helps to bring money to an area and creates jobs.
Oil spills, acid rain, and sewage runoff are all examples of _______ which results in biodiversity loss.
The first species to form in primary succession.
All of the living organisms that share a region and interact with each other and their non-living environment.
It's very hard to identify important keystone species after an ecosystem _______ due to their absence.
The variety of life in a particular ecosystem.
Biodiversity helps to clean the ______ we breathe.
Land ________ is the process of restoring land to its natural or productive state.
A consequence of soil erosion that involves the soil becoming dried out and infertile.
Natural, gradual changes in the types of species that live in an area.
Soil holds this and prevents it from running elsewhere leading to flooding.
________ actions often disrupt the biotic and abiotic factors of an ecosystem.
Type of land use for building homes, roads, bridges, etc.
The first thing to happen in secondary succession (like a fire).
This species has strong interactions with other species and affects their health and survival.
Any species that no longer exists in one part of a country, but can be found in others.
A species that is close to extinction in all parts of a country.
This type of succession begins in a place without any soil.
_______ depletion is a consequence of soil erosion that involves plants using up all the minerals in the soil.
_____ soil loses its nutrients which then becomes infertile.
Any species that is at risk because of declining numbers.
The ability to maintain ecological balance
_____ community is the final stage in a succession.
All life depends on fertile...
Oil and coal are examples of _______ resources which come from deep below in the soil.
_____ plowing involves using the curves of the land.
_______ crop farming involves growing certain crops between harvests to return nutrients to the soil.
These species are found in an area as a result of natural processes only.
Any species that is likely to become endangered if the factors that make it vulnerable are not reversed.
_________ and ferns are simple plants that grow after lichens in primary succession.
Soil already exists with this type of succession.
Changes a steep hill side into smaller fields.
This is the final layer of soil and where all soils originally begin.