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Final Exam U.S. History

How many terms did George Washington serve as president
The success of the cotton gin lead to an increased demand in _____ labor
State which had not outlawed slavery but did not secede
Name of the independent state of California
State in which the Mormon’s would eventually find a home
Famous explorers of the Louisiana territory
Construction of this canal took 8+ years and cost countless lives (many of them Irish Immigrants)
Barbary nation which the United States went to war with under the presidency of T. Jefferson
The Declaration of Sentiments signed in Seneca Falls, NY was a spoof of what doc
President of the Confederate States of America
This Forts which attack signaled the beginning of the Civil War
Appointed last minute by John Adams while on his way out of office
The first president of the United States
System popularized under Andrew Jackson in which his supporters got rewarded
Region that would undergo the most dramatic change during the industrial revolution
Inventor of the cotton gin and the interchangeable part
Harriet Tubman’s role in the Underground Railroad
Principal established from the Supreme Court case Marbury v. Madison
Those who supported Andrew Jackson created a political party, calling themselves ______
Landmark Supreme Court Case involving Native Americans and their sovereignty
Last name of the Author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin
The Union’s plan during the Civil war
What the French diplomats demanded from American delegates in the XYZ affair
Nickname of the USS Constitution
Name of the independent state of Texas
Island nation who rebelled against France
Famous brand of Jeans popularized in 1849 during the gold rush
A group of young Democratic-Republicans calling for war against Britain prior to the War of 1812
The Supreme Court ruled that Dredscott was still this in the 1800s Suprme Court ruling
Compromise that made sure there was an equal balance of slave and free states
Name of the tribe consisting of Creek Native Americans and escaped slaves
First Republican President of the United States