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History 4: Eastern US

The "Apostle to the Indians"; first Bible printed in America was his translation of an Indian language
An area that slopes from the eastern edge of the Appalachians to Atlantic Coastal Plains
Largest known underground cave system in the world
He translated the preaching of David Brainerd
He founded Rhode Island and America's first Baptist Church
Preached to the Indians with the help of his interpreter and died at the age of 29
A marshy area of tall grasses and swamps in southern Florida
Group of Indians who lived in the Everglads
He was a Swedish Lutheran missionary who translated some of Martin Luther's writings into the Delaware language
Indian tribe who celebrated Thanksgiving with Pilgrims
Famous narrow passageway between mountains used by pioneers as they traveled west
Second largest ocean
Group of Indians who lived in longhouses
Indian tribe known for their burial mounds
Was a Mohawk chief who translated Scripture into his people's language
Indian tribe's name means "southerners"
He invented the written language of the Cherokees