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American History 1607 - 1877

AKA 2nd War for Independence
We won our independence from _________
Reason for Irish immigration
Before we were states, we were
In the South, soil was ________
Movement that led to a lot of social reforms
Father of the US Navy
Led to a bicameral legislature
House of _________ - First form of representative government in the colonies
Main cause of the Civil War
President who ended Reconstruction Era
Commanded the Continental Army
The war that led to all of the causes of the American Revolution
This invention made long-distance communication possible.
Main economic export of the South
Doubled the size of the US
These men wanted a Bill of Rights added to the Constitution.
AKA War for Independence
Life, _______, and the pursuit of happiness
3 day long battle during the Civil War
2nd President
In the North, soil was thin and __________
____ Trade - main reason for French colonization