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World History Final Challenge

Muhammad's daughter
Pueblo Bonito locale
South American mountain chain
Vanished Ones
Murdered archbishop
Nazcan phenom
Taught in Charlemagne's school
Called the first Crusade
Asserted noble rights
Muslim historian
Home of Islam
King and saint
Jewish medieval profession
Tall stone monuments
German trade league
First convert to Islam
Hindu prince
Moche building material
Ships of the desert
Bohemian followers of Wycliffe
French prince title
Unplowed fields
Earliest Andeans
Heart of the Medieval economy
Hungarian barbarians
Mexican lake
Shi'ite holy man
Blend of Arabic, Hindi, and Persian
"The City of the Ladies"
Divided the Holy Roman Empire
Dynasty survivors who escaped to Spain
Abbot from Cluny
Chief Mayan city
People conquered by the Franks
Viking region
Canon on Medicine
England's first bank
Aztec origin
Aztec farms
Mayan nothing
Aztec language
Lesser lords
Plagued Italian city
City of the Prophet
Venetian traveler
Incan queen