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US History Recap Unit 1-Unit 12

Build up of weapons and troops, M in MAIN Causes of WWI
Philanthropists like Carnegie donated ____ and buildings to communities
Atomic _____were dropped on Japan at end of WWII
Period of time after Civil War used to rebuild the South
Tension between USA and USSR from 1945-1991
The 13th banned slavery, the 14th gave equal rights, and 15th voting rights to men
Military Dictator of Japan during WWII
_____ Island, the entry point for Immigration in 1800s
Run down buildings that immigrants lived in.
The Transcontinental ______connected East to West
Teddy Roosevelt's policy of using force or threat of force
Has total control of a country.
_____Journalism, the exaggeration of news stories
During Great Depression, the government bank , The Federal ______failed too
Midway, Stalingrad, Bulge, were all locations of _________
Pittsburgh, the home of _____ production.
18th Amendment, made alcohol illegal. Called __________
Painter of Great Migration, Jacob __________
Light bulbs, phone, telegraph, etc.
They took jobs in defense factories, volunteered for military service, and were nurses
Native Americans were placed on __________
Germany's attempt at genocide during WWII
Writers who exposed truth in society
______Act gave 160 acres of land for free to settlers
Roosevelt's plan to help America recover during Great Depression
Urbanization = Growth of _____
The ______Renaissance, was the rebirth of African American Culture in the 1920s
World ___I was Allied Powers vs. Central Powers
19th Amendment = Women's _________
Discriminating Laws against African Americans