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Chapter 1 Foundations of World History

Ham's brother
Genesis 10 is often referred to this
A very large group of people who have in common the same land area and same language
God has planned all of human history
Ham's brother
Gathering of useful information from an investigation
Walked with God
God's first human creation
Examination and interpretation of the universe and everything in it.
Ham's cursed son
Division of labor
Adam and Eve's son: Gen. 4:25
Records that explain or interpret primary sources
Objects made by man
Human culture living in cities or under their influence
Adam's wife
Wrote down records that preserve an accurate record for future generations
Qualities that set humans apart from the rest of creation
Mankind's reason for being
Records produced during a time period often by people involved in the events
The study of the record of the past acts of God and man on earth from its creation to the present
System of rules, regulations, and accountability that governs all who take part in the functions of a city
The only true God
City built in the land of Shinar
Noah's son