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Bird Potpourri

Semi difficult. A few easy filler words as hints. Answers with 2 words have a space between them.
American Kennel Club
Black and white birds are called ____ birds. Magpie is an example.
Web-footed diving bird resembling a duck and related to the cormorant.
It springs eternal
Giant, flightless bird of Madagascar, probably been extinct for only 1,000 years. Vic Challenger runs into a few in book 9, Vic: A Savage Place
The night or day before
Take back
Good time
Flocking birds have 2 common behaviors shared with soldiers - guarding and this.
Roach, mouse, or irritating sibling.
Ground bird endemic to Africa but found on farms around the world. Vic Challenger wakes to their calls in book 10, Vic: Enemies & Tall Tales
reaching altitudes of 8,000 metres or more when on migration, the two highest-flying birds are geese and these.
Small bird of prey related to hawks and eagles.
Old saying that indicated rarity - “scarce as hen’s ____
Bird once used to test air safety in mines.
Persia, ‘Land of the Aryans.’
Birds that make seasonal long distance moves are called
Przewalski's for example. Vic Challenger photoed a herd in book 2, Vic: Mongol
Perching bird who often feeds on the ground and is also known as a shuffewing.
The golden type of this shore bird migrates between the Arctic and South America
A one-stanza, 14-line poem, written in iambic pentameter. Think Shakespeare.
Australian bird which is like a black and white crow which sings different songs in different regions.
World's largest eagle
Old time TV talking horse
Number of continents where birds live
This South American bird has an odor like cow dung and is the only bird that digests leaves.
As a group including more than half of all bird species, songbirds that can perch are called
In Greek mythology, her father was uranus and she married Vulcan.
These funny-name flightless birds were eaten to extinction by sailors because they were “fat and delicious”.
Bird home
Nebraska television
He wrote a famous poem about a large black bird
Bobwhite is one type of this ground bird.
Myth says he fiddled while Rome burned
A projecting or conspicuously colored ring of feathers around the neck of a bird or this wading bird that has one
Hawaiian goose
Birds are descendants of this dinosaurs type
A genre of crime film or fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity.
This lays the largest eggs of living birds.
This bird does not make a nest, but lays one egg in the nest of another bird.
Burial chamber
Inuits call this ice home igluvijaq, others tend to call it this.
Chamber used to fire pottery