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Group that believed in Human Sacrifice
legal system employed by Spanish in America granted a specific number of natives to each Spanish citizen
Italian navigator who discovered the New World in the service of Spain while looking for a route to China
Civilization Located on Yucatan Peninsula
original Americans 2. migrated to America via Siberian Land Bridge during ice age
Columbus mistakenly calls the inhabitants of San Salvador what?
Group had o 16 million people at height
Native American Civilization in Peru - complex government; paved road system; bridges spanning HUGE gaps
part Spanish, part Native not accepted by either group
Unit 1 covers American History all of the way up to Fourteen Ninety ____.
created by the pope 2. gave all American land, except Brazil, to Spain (Brazil was claimed by Portugal)
o Used giant cedar trees for plank houses  Fit up to 70 members of same kinship band
Felt that land was indeed a commodity that could be bought or sold.
- Prince _______ the Navigator o Attempted to find a path to Asia via the Atlantic Ocean  Around Africa
o Also lived on coast but further South  Present day California o Hunters and gathers  Did live in permanent settlements
What group felt that land was not a commodity to be bought and sold.
Group that had a Population of 300K at height.
Determined the cause of their suffering to be the Spanish invaders and their Christ Led by Pope, the ________ rose up and killed ~400 Spanish colonizers and burned all the churches to the ground
Name given toSpanish conquerors
Group had - Massive stone temples and palaces
Native American Civilization in Mexico - succeeded Mayans - elaborate administrative, education, and medical systems; harsh religion
Indians in this part of North America were Nomadic peoples o Hunter gatherers
Most important Aztec City
Economic system that says colonies exist to give raw materials to mother country and buy manufactured goods back
span of land connecting Siberia to North America during the ice age allowed "Native" Americans to migrate to Americas
Native American Civilization located in Central America and Yucatan Peninsula - sophisticated culture, written language,
Located in present day New Mexico and Arizona o Sedentary population
Spanish Conquistador who conquered the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan.
King who convened or organized a group of priests, philosophers, and jurists to discuss the moral and legal fallout of Spanish conquest on the Americas (last name)
Indians that Lived by the sea - Settled into fishing villages o Also relied on hunting elk lived in this region Pacific ______
_________and Ferdinand o United Spain under the Catholic Christian banner o Reclaimed Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims (Moors) - Additional motive for exploration o Spreading Christianity
Leader of the small group to defend the dignity/rights of Natives (last name)
o Lived in villages of several hundred people o Grow crops of maize, squash, and beans o Built and lived in long houses
Indian Group that o Lived in towns of around 4K to 6K people o Traded extensively with other regions  As far as Florida and the Rocky Mountains - Cahokia
Slaves from what continent were imported to perform labor because Native Americans were dying from disease.