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Rocks & Minerals

Tara: Tara Cunningham
New rock that forms when existing rocks are charged by heat, pressure or chemicals beneath the Earth's surface
The color of a mineral when it is ground to powder.
The tendency of a mineral to split easily along flat surfaces.
Rock that forms when melted or molten rock from deep below the Earth's surface.
A mineral that is dull or glassy.
Sand particles of rock, bits of soil, and remains of once-living things.
A solid material made up of one or more minerals.
Rock that forms when sand particles of rock, bits of soil and bits of once-living things are pressed together and harden.
A mineral that is shiny like metal.
The continuous series of changes that rocks undergo.
The way a mineral shines or reflects light.
A measure of how easily a mineral can be scratched.
A nonliving solid material that has a definite chemical and is found in the Earth's outermost layer.