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Composer John Williams

Williams won an Oscar for Best Original Score for this John Hughes comedy starring Macaulay Culkin.
Director Oliver, with whom John Williams collaborated on "Born on the Fourth of July" and two other major motion pictures.
This 1977 space opera continues to inspire sequels and spinoffs to this day.
This 1981 action-adventure blockbuster put the fedora back in style.
This film starring Mel Gibson takes place during the American War of Independence.
The director of this movie about dinosaurs cited Godzilla as an inspiration.
Williams conducted the London Symphony Orchestra to record the soundtrack for this 1978 superhero film.
A presidential biopic directed by 4-Across
This 1974 disaster film starred Charlton Heston and Ava Gardner.
This tale of a horse was 7-Down's first WW1 film.
This WW2 film takes place in northern France during the Allied invasion of Normandy.
See 18-Across
Williams has collaborated with this renowned director on a remarkable 28 motion pictures!
This film is an adaptation of a Broadway musical about a peasant milkman trying to marry off his daughters.
Williams scored the first three films about this boy wizard.
Anthony Hopkins played the role of John Quincy Adams in this historical drama about a mutiny on a slave ship.
A presidential biopic directed by 7-Down
The number of Academy Awards John Williams has won.
The main theme for this suspense film is comprised of just two notes.