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Global Politics - HISTORY

Great Britain's __ policy leaves the futures of Scotland, Wales, & N Ireland in question
Putin's re-taking of __ suggests a return to the Cold War era
The __ Nations now provides the "Web of Independence" imagined in Vienna
The USSR invaded __ in 1979
9/11 marks the beginning of the War on __
Gorbachev introduced new policies of __ and Perestroika
In 1990 Saddam Hussein invaded __
Wilson's 14 Points highlighted the principle of __ for territories formerly belonging to the Central Powers
__ wars ravaged Europe from 1803-1815
There were __ in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda in the mid-1990's
The __ pandemic has been much worse than the 2014 EBOLA outbreak
The modern intl system is composed of many __
Congress of __ set in place a model for maintaining peace in Europe
The __ Trials held leaders responsible for the horrors of WW II
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the USA became the global __
China's __ Road reflects an aggressive foreign policy
Peace of __ ended 30 Years War
Germany's __ Republic broke down under the global depression
Father of Intl Law is Hugo __
The legacy of European __ is still seen in Africa, Asia, & the Middle East
The __ Plan for post-WWII Europe was a new idea!
The __ first erupted in Tunisia in 2011, then spread to other ME states
The __ of Nations was not supported by the USA
The Treaty of __ ended WW I
The 1986 meltdown of the __ nuclear facility in the Ukraine spelled the end of Soviet governance
__ wars in both the US and France rested on govt protecting individual liberties of citizens
Principle of IR established in 1648
The 1979 __ Revolution brought religion back into international relations
The Cold War between the US & USSR reflected a __ distribution of power
The German, Aus tro-Hungarian, and __ Empires were allies in WW I
The AXIS powers included Japan, Germany, & __
A system of __ values provides for stability