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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Ruff Drafts

Past its peak
Compile, as doghair on the rug, say...
Dog's best friend
With 17 across: Book of racy dog tails
Let her have ___
See 14 across
Comes between game and match
Solid outing at the plate
Nursing grp
Took an exam
Collie's charge
Use less
What ido says about going camping?
Hops stems
One may come after a breaker
Fighters lead in?
Diggers amped on energy drinks
Old record label without the ampersand
Sends a message in the wild
Epic tales
Bichons or Beany Babies
Venetian magistrate (and the first three letters hint at the theme)
Sgt., for one.
It's not here
Borzoi owner of yore
Don't rent
With 60 across: Furry influencer.
See 56 across
Well, that stinks
With 70 across: What happens you take your pup to all-dog Beatlemania?
A leg-raising video console?
See 67 across
Airport by the bay
A shortened variation
It's 3 pts. on the gridiron
Mail carrier's del.
One looking over
Nowww I get it
Native New Zealander
Count chomps (var.)
Rep. counterpart
Speed computer storage (abbr)
Big alpha dogs' swagger?
Drinking ___
What's the difference between tripping and ripping?
Let's meet up when school starts back, TXT
All-purpose canine comment
Retriever with a beeker?
Have a ...
Rehab my doggie's abs?
Brit broadcaster informally
Emergency service for press releases?
A knighthood for dock longevity?
How a cat with a seech imediment exresses leasure?
One by a trash bin or salad bow
Yeah right
Has the most bling
Hitting the hwy.
His wife was salty
Fast plays
Bert's favorite French river?
They may be pimped
A long letter for an adder?
Small degrees
Editors put 'em in large type
It can be used to dig or shake
Agent in Entourage
Actor Steven
Little bird
Short skirts, for short?
Engine emissions tech.
Lang. for an AI K9s and others