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Honey Bee Puzzle

worker bee that collects nectar, pollen, water, and/or propolis at locations outside the hive
This kind of insect is often mistaken for a bee...
Which state has the rusty patched bumble bee as the the state bee?
The name of the bee that lays the eggs in a honey bee colony
The sound that bees make
A word to describe the entire honey bee colony as one unit
Which state has the Rusty patched bumble bee as the state bee?
Word to describe the location of honey bee colonies.
How many legs does a honey bee have.
The name of a bees' straw-like tongue.
The name of the dance honey bees do.
Name for a male honey bee.
Someone who studies bees or other insects
What is honey bees' main protein source?
This crop depends heavily on honey bees for pollination.
A weed beloved by honey bees
Article of clothing worn by beekeepers to protect their head and face from stings
A word to describe a beekeeper who moves their bees across the country to pollinate different crops
There are 13 species of ____bees native to Minnesota.
A honey variety that Minnesota is famous for
The substance honey combs are made out of
What do bees make out of nectar?