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Characteristics of Place/Climate Regions

The way of life of people in a certain place
Places that share certain characteristics
Mountains and deserts are examples of this type of landform
A region that experiences the same type of weather patterns all year long (2 words, no spaces)
In this region, weather changes with the seasons. (2 words, no spaces)
This region has dry, hot summers and cool winters.
When people live in a place, they rely on and adapt to the _____ _____ of that place. (2 words, no spaces)
The physical characteristics of a place directly impact the _____ activities of that place.
This region is too dry for most plants to live.
In this region, summers are uncomfortably hot and humid, and it rains throughout the year. (2 words, no spaces)
This region includes the Pacific Northwest, and is cloudy and rainy year-round. (3 words, no spaces)
This region is found only near a large body of water.
Long-term weather of a place
This region includes the Rocky Mountains, and the temperature changes with altitude.