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The Great Depression

The first car radios invented by the Galvin brothers
____ auction, forced auctions where troubled farms are sold
blockades or checkpoints set up by Californians to stop migrants
One of the biggest blockbusters during the Depression
Towns where the homeless lived during the Great Depression
This gangster gave out food for public relations
The army of WWI veterans who demonstrated in Washington
Catholic priest and popular radio host during the 1930s
____ bowl, period of severe droughts and dust storms in the 30s
_____ twenties, moniker for the exciting period preceding the Depression
The ______ Trust, group of the most brilliant advisers in the US
One of the food staples during the Great Depression
Popular board game during the Great Depression
Swallowing of this fish was a source of entertainment
US President and major proponent of the "New Deal"
Kitchens ran by charity where people line up to get food
The world war which put an end to the Depression
Day when Wall Street lost $14 billion: Black ________