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6th Grade - Chapter 9 Rocks & Minerals

Teacher: Mrs. Morey
Solid material with atoms arranged in a repeating pattern
Intrusive or extrusive rock that is produced when melted rock from inside Earth cools and hardens
Type of rock made from pieces of other rocks, dissolved minerals, or plant and animal matter that collects to form rock layers
Describes igneous rocks that have small or no crystals and forms when melted rock cools quickly on Earth's surface
Diagram that shows the slow, continuous process of rocks changing from one type to another
Rare, valuable minerals that can be cut and polished
Describes metamorphic rocks that lack distinct layers or bands
New rock that forms when existing rock is heated and squeezed
Material that contains enough useful metal that it can be mined and sold at a profit
Describes a type of igneous rock that generally contains large crystals and forms when magma cools slowly beneath Earth's surface
Solid, inorganic material that is usually made of two or more minerals and can me metamorphic, sedimentary, or igneous
Inorganic, solid material found in nature that always has the same chemical make-up, atoms arranged in an orderly pattern, and properties such as cleavage, fracture, color, hardness, streak and luster
Describes metamorphic rocks with visible layers of minerals