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Chemistry of life

Teacher: Mr. Wintermote
An organic compound made of one or more amino acids
The smallest unit of matter
Substance that participates in a chemical reaction
Any substance with a pH less than 7
Nucleic acid found in the nucleus
The measure of the power of the hydronium ion.
Primary fuel for your cells
Includes sugars, starches and cellulose
gold and aluminum are examples
An atom with a negative or positive charge
Monomer of a protein
Two or more atoms held together by molecular forces
When substances stick to other substances.
Fat molecules: includes waxes and steroids
Substance formed in a chemical reaction
A substance that increases the number of hydroxide ions when in solution
Molecule that stores energy
Electrons that occupy the outermost shell of an atom
When substances stick to themselves
Molecules made only of hydrogen and carbon
The reactant in enzyme catalyzed reactions
A solution that resists changes in pH.
Where the substrate fits into the enzyme
Proteins that help control the body's chemical processes.
Nucleic acid involved in the synthesis of proteins