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Environmental - September

The _____ must have a constant pilot or flame
Within three days of accumulating 55 _______ in a satellite accumulation area, the waste must be moved to < 90 day.
A Satellite ____________ area is a location at or near the point of generation where hazardous waste initially accumulate
A reduced limit for ____ takes effect in February of 2022. Excellent housekeeping is required for DEZ!!
The pH at the _______ must be between 6 and 9
____ Stands for Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures
Hot ____ Buckets are considered an emergency due to reactivity risks. Jobs should be stopped and re-evaulated if alkyls are being released.
Containers of Hazardous Waste should be in ____ condition
________ Prevention is required for all cross connections with potable water
Potable water is chlorinated to have a minimum of 0.2 mg/l of free ________
Drain Valves on secondary containment should be ______ when not in use.
The Flare is only allowed to _____ for < 5 minutes in every 2-hour period