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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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"StopAsianHate" supports anti-racism among this community.
Result of putting purpose at the center of your brand.
Author of dystopian book Bill Oberlander read during the pandemic.
The Oberland mountain range south of the Swiss capital of Bern.
The Federal holiday commemorating the emancipation of African-American slaves.
The impact your organization makes.
Kate's home state.
Profit With...
OBERLAND's proprietary, inclusive model for building purpose-driven brands.
Campaign 40 Over 40 Honoree
State that set both abortion and voting rights back.
Senator behind The Freedom To Vote Act.
Everything Changes When...
The portion of food produced for human consumption each year that is wasted. (
Your brand's community of stakeholders.
The practice recruiting people from an under-represented group in order to give the appearance of corporate equality.
Every minute, forests the size of ___ football fields are cut down (Nature).
One of the impacts forward-thinking brands make
Kate's job when she wrote her taxi driver blog.
The first ad agency Kate worked at. (hint: is now abbreviated UM)
There are ___ million admissions into US jails each year.
In 2020, this country made period products free for women.
OBERLAND's "Best for the World" certification.
____ in 10 Black Americans say they know "some" or "a lot of" people who were treated unfairly by the police. (WP)
OBERLAND's employee-led diversity, equality, and inclusion program.
Women earn ___ cents for every dollar a man earns, according to Payscale.
Public company with highest percentage of customers who believe they have to protect their right to vote.
The author of the book "On Purpose"
Number of POC Emmy Award winners in the acting category this year.
79% of global consumers recalled brands positively responding to customers during this global crisis (Deloitte Insights)