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CWRU CyberSecurity Awareness Month

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
The process of changing plain text to cipher text using an algorithm
CWRU classifies information as: public, internal-use, and ________.
A _____ and Control, or C2, server is used by an adversary to communicate with compromised systems.
An email that tricks you into giving up your passphrase
A weakness in a program or system that can be exploited
Email _____ makes it seem that an email came from someone else when it came from a scammer instead, hiding their true identity.
Install operating system security ________ regularly
Google groups managers can turn on Spam Message _________ to reduce the number of malicious emails sent to the group.
______ force is a password attack method where many passwords are submitted with the hopes of guessing the correct one.
Personally Identifiable Information
Your ______ is like your underwear: don’t share it with your friends, and change it often.
_________ software helps prevent and eliminate viruses and other malware from infecting your computer.
The form of malware that encrypted Colonial Pipeline files in 2021.
Logical or physical device used to filter network traffic
Malicious software or commands that take advantage of a system’s vulnerabilities
CWRU uses ____ as its two-factor authentication app.