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Adam and Eve

Adam said Eve was "bone of my bones and ______ of my _______."
Adam and Eve were ________ from the Garden of Eden at he end of Genesis 2.
After eating the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve felt ______ because they were naked.
God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of _________ of Good and Evil.
The 2 rivers that are still around today that surrounded the Garden of Eden.
What did God put in place to protect the Tree of Life after Adam and Eve left.
The fall of Man happened when ______ entered the world.
Adam and Eve used _____ _______ to make coverings for themselves.
What did the serpent promise Eve she he would have if she ate the fruit?
"For _____ you are and to ______ you will return."
God cursed this creature to crawl on its belly.
God created him to take care of the Earth.
Adam and Eve's first two sons.
God told Adam to give names to the _______ as well as the birds.
The place God created for Adam and Eve.
The helper God created for Adam.
The body part God took from Adam to create Eve.
Eve will now feel pain in_________ after eating the forbidden fruit.
Adam blamed "the _____ you put here with me" when God asked why he ate the forbidden fruit.
God breathed the breath of life into Adam's ________.