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Test: The Atmosphere & Earth’s Weather

This ‘Alley’ is where the most tornados occur in North America, it is made up of the Mississippi Valley and The Great Plains
Incoming Solar Radiation that reaches the surface of Earth is called this
Fronts that are said to be at a ‘stalemate’ are called this
Heat energy transferred by electromagnetic waves
Between each layer of the atmosphere is this boundary
A region of the upper stratosphere where ultraviolet (UV) radiation is absorbed and provides protection to us from these UV rays
A localized storm involving lightning, thunder, turbulent winds and heavy rain
The layer of the atmosphere where weather occurs
This layer of the atmosphere is directly above the troposphere
This front moves faster than a warm front and is characterized by wedging under a warm front, producing severe weather
An instrument used to measure the atmospheric pressure in inches or millimeters of mercury
This is a giant, whirling storm accompanied by destructive winds, torrential rains and high waves/tides
Heat energy transferred by direct contact
The change in the course of winds caused by Earth’s rotation is named this ‘effect’
There are four classes of air masses, this particular class forms over water/oceans
Heat energy transferred by heated currents
The middle layer of the atmosphere, which also happens to be the coldest layer of the atmosphere
This is a tornado that occurs over water
In everything, God desires this
This is the abrupt discharge of electricity through the air
The Earth is surrounded by this body of air/gasses that protects the planet and enables life to exist.
A series of thunderstorms in a line along a cold front
Clouds that form near Earth’s surface
The atmosphere is made up of two areas, the lower and the upper atmosphere which are further divided into five layers. The Upper atmosphere is also called this
Fair weather clouds, that come from the Latin word meaning “heap, pile”
A hurricane starts as a Tropical _______
The outer most layer of the atmosphere. When meteoroids enter Earth’s atmosphere they enter through this layer, often burning up from the high heat
This element makes up over 78% of the air we breathe
This cycle shows how God designed a water dispersal system