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Gospel of John: Seven Signs

Jn 2:4 The term Jesus addressed his mother with
1 Kgs 17:22 This prophet raised a woman's son from the dead
Jn 6:19 Jesus ____ on the water
Jn 9:6 Jesus ___ on the ground
Jn 9:38 The man _____ Jesus.
Ex. 16:31 Israel called the bread from heaven, ___
Jn 6:1-4 Jesus feed how many people
Ex 15:4 The body of water crossed by the Israelites
Deut 2:14 After 38 years the Israelites crossed what valley?
Jn 2:1-12 Jesus and His mother were at a _____
Gen. 12:1-3 The LORD made a ___ to Abraham
Jn 5:5 How many years the man was lame
Adam and Eve ate ___ from the forbidden tree
Jn. 6:16 Jesus disciples were rowing to _____
2 Kgs 4:32 This prophet raised the Shunammite woman's son
Jn 5:15 The man told the ___ on Jesus
Ex. 14:21 Moses did this to the waters
Jn 11:1 Jesus raised this man from the dead
Jn 4:50 The official ____ the words of Jesus
Jn 2:9 Jesus changed ____ into wine
2 Kgs 13:20-21 This dead man rose up when he touched the ____ of this prophet