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Rocks crossword puzzle

Mr Ramirez: Nicolas Lopez
Used in statues
Make up parts of rocks
Bits of minerals and crystals
Magma that erupts on earths surface
when the rocks are baked and exposed to pressure
Used on furniture
Made of lava that cools to quickly
A sedimentary rock used in pottery
Cycle that lets all 3 rocks turn into each other
How a substance feels
Black colored igneous rock
Found in caves and can sometimes are found in rocks
A major part in the creation of sedimentary rocks
made of lava that cools and crystallizes
Created by deposited sediments that bond together
An extrusive, light rock
Sometimes form metamorphic rocks
type of igneous rock that cools above earths surface
Sign of igneous rocks
A sedimentary rock made of dead organisms
Bakes rocks that turns into metamorphic rocks