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Litigation Finance & American Law

Contract stipulation that only guarantees returns if a case reaches settlement or recovery (11).
Retired professional wrestler that famously utilized litigation finance in his privacy lawsuit against media company Gawker (4,5).
First corporation to bring litigation finance to the United States in the mid-00s (6,6).
The action of making new or secret information known (10).
Technology used by Liti Capital to give all investors access to the litigation finance market (10).
Any holding excluding stocks, bonds, and cash (11,5).
The part of a financial system that pertains to raising funds through stocks, bonds, and other long-term investments (7,6).
Where Liti Capital is based (6).
Where civil and criminal legal proceedings take place (5).
A decision of a court or judge (8).
The process of engaging in legal action (10).
To provide funding for a person or business (7).
A legal practitioner who represents a plaintiff or defendant in court (6).
Unrelated or inverse to the state of the economy (15).
A legal action to be decided on in a court of law (4).
What assets are when they are locked up or aren't easily converted to cash (8).
What is achieved when a legal case results in a fair and deserved decision (7).
A formal agreement made between parties of a lawsuit intended to resolve a dispute or conflict (10).
Acquiring something of value through a court decision (8).
Equity token that allows investors to participate in litigation finance on the blockchain (4).
Alternative investment class in which investors fund companies that aren't publicly traded, includes the litigation finance market (7,6).
Market in which prices are falling (4,6).
The process of using an independent person or body to settle a dispute (11).
Profits from investment (7).
The action or process of putting money into something for profit or a material result (10).
A person or company sued or accused in a court of law (9).
A person or company who brings a case against another person or company in a court of law (9).
Legal doctrine introduced in the Middle Ages that made it illegal for an unrelated party to finance a lawsuit for a portion of the profit (9).