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Ch 5 Vocabulary-Igneous Rocks

Word bank: kimberlites, pegmatites, vesiculartexture, porphyritictexture, intrusiverocks, extrusiverocks, basalticrocks, graniticrocks, texture, partialmelting, Bowen'sreactionseries, fractionalcrystallization, lava, igneousrocks
Igneous rocks that are made of extremely large-grained minerals usually found as igneous intrusions or veins
Form when lava or magma cools and crystallizes
Rock characterized by large, well-formed crystals surrounded by finer-grained crystals of the same mineral or different minerals
Process similar to partial melting in that the composition of magma can change
Process by which some minerals melt at relatively low temperatures while other minerals remain solid
Dark-colored rocks that have lower silica contents and contain mostly plagioclase and pyroxene. also called mafic
Ultrabasic rocks that contain a rare, valuable mineral such as diamonds, named after Kimberly, South Africa where they were first identified
Magma that cools and crystallizes on Earth's surface
Magma that flows out onto Earth's surface
The size, shape, and distribution of crystals or grains that makeup a rock
Illustrates the relationship between cooling magma and the formation of minerals that make up igneous rock
Rock that was made from thick lava that prevented gas bubbles from escaping creating a spongy look
When magma cools and crystallizes below Earth's surface
Light-colored rocks with high silica contents and contain mostly quartz and feldspar, also called felsic rocks