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All Saints Crossword

Samuel's Mom
Screechy singer celebrity
______ caritas, et amor.
Synonym for 7 down
Coffee or Tea holder
Canvas wetter.
Our Patron Saint
"I am the __ and the ___. (In roman type)
It's north of NY
Guess who!
Lions and tigers language
What Jesus did to the main character in last Sunday's Gospel.
Costa del ______
Common _______ (see Hymnal)
Advent _______ is coming up.
____ unto others......
Either, _______
Mrs. Sparks is the head ________.
Initiation Pool
______ of God.
They're either bread or wafer: The _______.
____ apple.
Nautical Animal Hoarder
Jesus' granny: Saint ______
What some people take to get tot Church
Liturgical Cape.
Our other Parton Saint
Our Lady's Flower
Opposite the statue of our Patron Saint
There was no room there. (Luke 2.7)
What Mary does to Vestments
Not us.
Moniker of our OTHER Patron Saint
Confession is a _______ of the Church.
Miss Gale's Canine
One might bring this to a Church potluck.
Ring around a saintly head.
Not a saint but had a round table.
Blessed are the pure in ______, for they shall see God.
Ancient Egyptian Sun Deity
Illuminated gas
Not on.