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Executive Branch Vocabulary

Executive branch vocal: Asia Dickey
a release from legal punishment
Youngstown sheet and tube co. vs.___
one of the president's top assistants who is in charge of media relations
Limits how involved federal government employees can become in elections
a landmark United States Supreme Court decision. It resulted in a unanimous 8-0 ruling against President Richard Nixon and was important to the late stages of the Watergate scandal.
Principals and practices of the government employment on the basis open competitive examination and merit
director of the National Security council staff
An order that will stop a particular action or enforce a rule or regulation
a group pardon to individuals that offense against the government
Secrete activities going on in national security staff
a rule issued by the President that has the force of law
Office of ambassadors in foreign countries
government worker
a federal law established in 1883 that stipulated that government jobs should be awarded on the basis of merit.
the order in which officials fill the office of President in case of a vaccancy
the postponement of legal punishment
Establishing socialsecurity system
an agreement made between the President and a head of state
Troops sent abroad must be recalled after 60 days unless Congress approves of action
A close relationship between an agency, a congressional committee, and an interest group
secretaries of the executive departments, the vice president, and other top officials that help the president make decisions and policy