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George Washington Carver - Ch. 5

George's last name - p. 29
There were approximately this number of students at the school - p. 29
The name of the school for black children - p. 27
The number of rooms in the school - p. 29
The church that Uncle Andy and Aunt Mariah took George to - p. 29
George sat here as he tried to forget about being hungry - p. 26
How did George get to Neosho? - p. 25
When did George read to Aunt Mariah and Uncle Andy? - p. 30
The name of the woman who fed George breakfast - p. 27
Aunt Mariah gave George this once he learned to read - p. 30
What type of flower did George plant for Aunt Mariah near the fence? - p. 29
George spent his first night here - p. 26
This person went back to Neosho with George - p. 30