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Geography of Egypt DE 4.1 16

A _____'s powers were second only to that of the pharaoh.`
Over time, Egyptians developed _____ systems that carried water from the river to plants in their fields.
a plant that could be made into a writing material that is similar to paper
Egypt is located in the northeastern portion of _____ .
Egyptians traveled over land as far as Afghanistan for the precious stone called _____ _____ .
The second word to the answer for 13 across.
The _____ _____a lies to the north of Egypt.
In Egypt, there are two _____: a sunny summer with high temperatures and a moderate winter with temperatures around 50°F.
a large, flat area shaped like a triangle; the soil is very fertile there
The flooding of the Nile River occurs in a cycle with _____ seasons.
round containers where farmers stored their crops
The _____ is the longest river in the world.
a material that has a sweet smell when it is burned
one form of irrigation; eventually, these were used for travel during flood periods
Irrigation projects required a lot of _____ .
Every year, the Nile River _____ .
Ancient Egypt was home to some of the earliest _____ .
By the 1500s BCE, Egypt had become the _____ civilization in the ancient Middle East.
By using the power of the Nile, Egyptians were able to create a successful _____ .
Egypt did not have many _____ , so they needed to import timber.
special lever device (a tool) made it easier for farmers to gather water and move it to their fields
A _____ of crops enabled some Egyptians to work other jobs besides farming.
rich material which is left by the river when it floods
a type of irrigation where flat fields were divided by mounds of dirt; the lower areas between the mounds could hold water