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Deveopmental Psychology Final Project

Student: Lelia Burge
Parenting style with little control and one often indulges the child
Parenting style that is characterized by no communication with an non-existent relationship
The grasp in which an infant uses their whole hand
Parenting style consisting of control
Growth sequence that starts at the center of the body and moves toward the extremities
Associated with less gestational,ear and respiratory infections, protective against asthma and also less likely to become overweight
Measures the eye movements of infants that follow a moving object to evaluate visual ability
The grasp in which the infant uses it's thumb and forefinger
Unfolding of a genetic plan
Synapse connections that disappear or are replaced as a result of not using them
Synapse connections that are used and become strengthened and survive
Information processed by our 5 senses
Parenting style that builds a mutual relationship of mutual trust and respect
Gender ______ is the knowledge, understanding and acceptance of being male or female
Sequence in which the fastest growth in the human body occurs at the top, with the head and gradually works its way down from the top to the bottom
Reflex in which an infant arches its back, throws its head back, and flings out its arms and legs
Consist of sensorimotor, practice, symbolic, social, games, and constructive types
Gender _____ are sets of expectations that prescribe how females and males should think, act and feel
Selective interpretation of what is sensed
Reflex that occurs when the infants cheek is stroked
Reflex that occurs when something touches an infants palms
Reflex that occurs when something is placed in an infant's mouth and is also a self-soothing mechanism