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Birds and Birding

Warbler that sings from the top of reeds 5
Title of bird-themed comedy film starring Kenneth Williams, Sid James and Barbara Windsor? 7,4
Owned by the Queen 4
Small white winter visitors seen on the coast 4,8
Like a grey-backed tuftless Tufted Duck 5
How to look for birds towards the horizon 4
Named after what it does with its rear feathers 7
Bivalves don't escape this bird 13
The Little one is common, the Great one is extinct 3
'Sea-swallow' 4
Flattened nocturnal insectivore 8
Kebab bird 4
One doesn't make a summer, according to Aristotle 7
Falcon-like hooter 4,3
Long-crested wader 7
Large black-necked bird introduced from North America 6,5
Calls 'crex-crex' for hours at night 9
Diving bird with elaborate courtship display 5
Uncommon drake with a white stripe over his eye 7
Loves nyjer seeds 5
Sleeps on the wing 5
Gulls named after their call 10
Deep-pile carpet bird 4
William Shaver's nickname? 9
Train enthusiast? 4
Tied up rope 4
How birders get if they see a rare bird 7
Twitchers want lots of these 5
The Royal Grey Crane appears on this in Uganda 4
Pond blackbird with white bill 4