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USS Anchorage (LSD 36) History

This Operation was named SONG THAN , which means _____.
AGM-65 is what type of missle? CLUE: Topgun
USS Anchorage was considered for conversion to this type of ship.
Stern _____.
Acronym for Gulf Oil Platform.
Acronym for Amphibious Ready Group.
The final blow was from a _____.
She was a stowaway out of this city.
USS Anchorage was underway to AUTEC Site 1 near this island.
_____ Navy.
Until they reached him, they only knew this was below, aft.
Ship's first commanding officer.
USS Anchorage went to Portland for the _____ Festival Fleet Week ceremonies .
Operation Productive _____ was changed to Operation Sea Angel.
More landing craft could be carried if this deck was removed.
Operation Frequent Wind was originally called Operation _____ Vise.
HTMS Naresuan is a ship from this country.
_____ Generis.
There was an issue with this line in 1996.
The ship lies off the coast of _____ Sands, Hawaii.
This is one of the largest festivals in the Northwest, drawing over two million people.
Number of fishermen rescued.
The ship was part of the largest amphibious task force assembled in a combat zone since _____.
The Operation Fortress Lightning operational order consisted of almost 1000 _____.
The boat of peace was a _____.
This is located at Ship Creek Small Boat Launch.
KD Sri Inderapura is a landing ship from this country.
USS Anchorage had to launch a boat to facilitate the transfer of this line.
USS Anchorage had to watch out for these by looking for bubbles alongside.
The ship took measurements every two hours during this Operation.
Acronym for Amphibious Squadron.
Bledose relieved this Commannding Officer.
This cruise provides an opportunity for family and friends of the crew to experience what Navy Sailors do on a day-to-day basis .
This was 27" x 14".
_____ Deck.
USS Anchorage was the first amphibious ship to do this in nearly two years. (acronym)
This type of vehicle was dead in the water just off the beach.