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Amphibians & Reptiles

Known to grow as large as dogs and have both an endoskeleton and exoskeleton
Largest freshwater turtle that can have an 18 inch shell
Considered sacred by African cultures
Frog that was the first vertebrae cloned in a lab
Have large heads & pointed snouts, reputation for being aggressive & short tempered
Lay 20-50 eggs during one mating season, 3-4 feet in length once mature
Can measure up to 12 inches in length, have a solid green base color with yellow striped and a red patch behind the eyes
Cold blooded animals with external covering of scales or horny plates
Secrete a slimy substance poisonous to other animals
Known as horned toads and can release blood from eyes when attacked
Change colors to regulate heat or show emotions
Snake that can be 10-12 feet long, docile and have undemanding care requirements
Native to Australia and have rough scales to blend in with native environments
Cold blooded animals with smooth skin that can live on water or land
Has a shell that is not completely hardened until they are 7 years old
Reach maturity at 3 years old, variable of color between shades of green and brown
Known for ability to walk up vertical surfaces, can shed tails if grabbed by a predator