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Sun, Water, and Air Vocabulary

The process of a gas cooling down and turning into a liquid. For example, water vapor turning into water on the side of a cold glass.
The process of a liquid turning into a gas. For example, water turning into water vapor.
the lowest layer of the atmosphere, in which temperature decreases at a constant rate as altitude increases.
Gases in Earth’s atmosphere that trap heat, such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, nitrous oxide, Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
a mixture of gases that surrounds a planet or moon.
The evaporation of water from plants, especially leaves.
The uppermost atmospheric layer, in which temperature increases as altitude increases.
The excess water that flows over land as surface water instead of being absorbed into groundwater or evaporating.
The process of rain water soaking into the ground, through the soil and underlying rock layers.
the measure of the force with which air molecules push on a surface
the layer of the atmosphere and the thermosphere and in which temperature decreases as altitude increases.
Water located beneath the ground surface in spaces between soils and rocks.
Any liquid or frozen water that forms in the atmosphere (usually by condensation) and falls back to Earth.
the layer of the atmosphere that is above the troposphere and in which temperature increases as altitude increases.
A layer of the atmosphere located in the stratosphere that is made out of ozone gas and is capable of blocking most of the Sun’s harmful UV radiation.