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This Week in Crypto

Country suspected to ban digital assets following its winter Parliament session that begins November 29th (5).
Collins Dictionary's 2021 word of the year (3).
Abbreviation for the independent bureau within the US Department of Treasury that charters, regulates, and supervises all national banks (3).
US central banking system that issued a joint statement on 2022 regulation regarding banks using crypto (7,7).
Coin that has surged 91% since the exchange secured the name rights to the home of the LA Lakers (6,3).
NFL player that will be paid his salary in Bitcoin and will donate 1 million USD to his fans (5,7,2).
Abbreviation for the independent US federal agency that protects bank deposits, including in the event of bank failures (4).
The US Justice Department will sell $56 million worth of crypto to repay the victims of this crypto scam (10).
Bonus: Percentage of lawyers who believe litigation finance promotes access to justice in 2021 (6,5).
Community-operated crypto project that funds animal shelters and advocates for animal welfare that will be matching FOUR PAWS donations this Giving Tuesday (10).
Amount of fees (in USD) accrued by the over 17,400 crypto traders who banded together to bid for a rare copy of the US Constitution ( 7).
Lord of the Rings crypto project that was ruled a trademark infringement by the World Intellectual Property Organization this week (8).
Bonus: The Dogecoin dog breed (5, 3).
American movie houses that will allow cryptocurrency payments (5,7).
WallStreetBet's innovative art-meets-crypto event to be held at Art Basel on November 30th (2,3,4).