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RCAC History

His Majesty King George VI conferred what title onto the Cadet Program?
In what year were girls officially permitted to become members of the Royal Canadian Sea, Army and Air Cadets?
The Post-Way period saw a natural lessening of interest in all cadet activities throughout Canada, in 1946 what did the RCAF introduce?
After WWII, the total cadet force was reduced to about 75 000 members, why?
What is the major difference between the Wedge cap as it was in 1941 and now?
February 1, 1968 brought the Air Cadet League a new partnership with who? (hint: acronym)
The “Air Force Blue” uniforms created for the Royal Air Force came from remaining unused cloth for which Army?
What happened to the Canadian Forces in 1968?
What brought on a renewed public interest in cadet training across the nation?
For almost 20 years the Air Cadet uniform was a different colour than blue, what was it?
The Air Cadet League of Canada had it’s first headquarters established in which city?