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Liti Capital's Big Names in Crypto

Russian-Canadian programmer who co-founded Ethereum at 20 (7, 7).
Intentionally abundant meme coin that became one of the top ten biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap in April 2020 (8).
One of the largest centralized exchanges in the world in terms of daily trading volumes that offers wLITI (6).
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Liti Capital with 15 years worth of experience in programming, machine learning, data analysis, and blockchain technology (5, 7).
First peer-reviewed blockchain project in the world that utilizes Proof of Stake technology (7).
Liti Capital's Chief Legal Officer who is also a UN Consultant for investigations (6, 11).
Intentionally abundant meme coin named after a dog breed that is an alternative to Dogecoin (5, 3).
ERC20 wrapped token that is tied to the value of an equity token representing a share in a litigation finance company (5).
Second most popular cryptocurrency and blockchain thats second version utilizes the Proof of Stake model. Its blockchain is more flexible than Bitcoin's, and has allowed for the creation of Dapps and stablecoins (8).
Pseudonym of the individual or individuals attributed with developing Bitcoin (7, 8).
The original, most popular cryptocurrency and blockchain that utilizes the Proof of Work model to process payments (7).
Non-custodial, instant cryptocurrency exchange that also allows users to make purchases with credit cards. Offers wLITI (9).
Liti Capital's Co-Founder and Chief Vision & Operations Officer who has co-founded several Fintech and blockchain startups (4,8).
Liti Capital's Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer who enforced what was at the time the largest international arbitration award in history (5, 3).
The largest decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. Offers wLITI (7).
Co-Founder and CEO of Liti Capital, as well as head director of Geneva-based Athena Intelligence (5, 3).
First-of-its-kind asset-backed equity token that is equivalent to one share in a litigation finance company (4).
Stablecoin backed by an equivalent amount of USD (6).