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Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska #1

Fallen ____ did a good job of protecting hatchlings from predators flying overhead.
These dinosaurs may have done well at night and in winter with their large eyes.
Name of mountain range where dinosaurs in the story migrated to avoid winter's wind.
What Thescelosaur cheeks did when they ate?
This held a dinosaur until it was ready for the world.
Dinosaur that strayed into the the community looking for flesh to feed her daughter and herself.
The only Arctic dinosaur scientists think may have hibernated,
The name of the pachyrhinosaur leader.
A large number of these animals together might be able to stand up against larger dinosaurs.
It clogged rivers in winter.
A butting tool on the face of a pachyrhinosaur.
What pterosaurs did that Arctic dinosaurs couldn't do.
What plant element Pakky thought moved to the aurora in winter.
Quicksand ____ the nanuqsaur and her daughter, saving the community.
The location of the sun ____ the horizon causes dark in the Arctic.
One way to survive the Arctic cold.
Memory triggers.
These creatures could do something Arctic dinosaurs couldn't do.
The sound organ we have both internally and externally that dinosaurs only had internally.
Pachyrhinosaurs in the story use what geometric shape for defense?
Headgear for pachyrhinosaur.
Pakky thought of ice as ____ water.
One of today's countries that extends into the Arctic.