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Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska # 2

How many dromaeosaurs attacked Pakky in the winter valley?
City with climate of today most closely like what the Arctic Dinosaurs experienced.
It was ____ who accompanied the injured ugrunaaluk's leader back home.
An insect that Arctic dinosaurs saw that we can still see in quantity and various colors in Alaska today.
What the pterosaur skin covering their bodies, not wings, resembled.
These dinosaurs feasted off hibernating thescelosaurs.
____ is not a character in Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska, but it's responsible for where they live and when they do what they do.
Dinosaur known as "head banger."
Pakky was astonished to see thescelosaurs disappear into a ____.
The relation of sun to Alaska's horizon in summer is ____ the horizon, making living things sleep in daylight.
Sea just north of Alaska.
When the sky was free of clouds in the time of dark, the dinosaurs could count on light from ____.
Where did Pakky have to rest after being injured by dromaeosaurs?
Pakky considered plants had a skill dinosaurs lacked, when she saw the wind transport a tangle of plants through the air.
Protected tender neck of pachyrhinosaurs when nanuqsaur in story tried to bite one behind the head.
Dinosaur known as "ancient grazer."
When Matriarch prevented Pakky from going with her as usual in the story, how did Pakky feel?
Pakky acquired a super basic understanding of a cycle associated with this color, ____, when she saw the color peeking from plants in their grazing ground when they returned to their territory of light?
As soon as the newly hatched pachyrhinosaurs reached their territory in the story, they began to learn to eat what insects?
At the entrance to the pachyrhinosaur valley, who killed some of the pachyrhinosaur guards?
In the story Alaskacephales were so hungry they tried eating ____, but it didn't make them feel good.
Food for featherless Arctic dinosaurs.
How many times in the story did pachyrhinosaurs have to cross the river to return to their territory of light?