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Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska #3

Sea west of northern Alaska.
These creatures provided plant-eater dinosaurs food while they waited for plants to green up.
In crossing the broken hard water, the juvenile that helped the runt was ____.
A plant we associate with grazing, ____, didn't evolve until 55 million years ago, long after dinosaur extinction.
Who looked after the ugrunaaluks after their leader was swept away in the breaking up of the ice?
The Western Interior ____ blocked Arctic dinosaurs from travel to what is the east coast of the USA.
When snow began to fall, Pakky's memory image considered the flakes as water ____.
After the troodons in the story, the ____ discovered the nanuqsaur carcass.
T-rex of Alaska.
In the story the dinosaurs follow the ____ to the mountains.
Arctic dinosaurs of Alaska lived ____ million years ago.
When eating frozen food what did Pakky use to rip the poor food free from its attachment?
What helped pachyrhinosaur's protective circle in the story hold together when nanuqsaur threatened?
The walls of tall hills in the pachyrhinosaur winter place protected these dinosaurs from what was common in winter.
When they returned to their territory of light, Pakky learned that she no longer fit under the ____ where she used to sleep. She found that was protection for new hatchlings to keep them safe from flying predators.
What Pakky felt when the earthquake hit.
Pakky learned that some friends, such as dromaeosaurs, could in some circumstances become unfriendly. She learned that dromaeosaurs are what?
Dinosaur known as "running lizard."
As the dinosaurs headed back to their territory of light, how did they look?
The sense that was heavily relied on by dinosaurs was the sense of ____.
The sun in Alaska shines overhead in summer afternoons. Is this true?
Pterosaurs in the story could fish in the local ____.
What ocean does the Beaufort Sea touch?